Preparing Professionals to Practice in Contexts of Poverty and Inequality

22 Apr 2014 - 12:30

The Poverty and Inequality Initiative’s Curriculum Seminars aim to facilitate meaningful discussion and debate on how departments and programmes at UCT engage with matters relating to poverty and inequality in South Africa through their curricula. In 2014, the seminars reflected on blind-spots within our undergraduate curricula, and in 2015 the PII is taking this further by focusing on ways which we are preparing the next generation of professionals.

The launch of the seminar series was held on 22 April, with presenters Harsha Kathard, Roshan Galvaan, and Elelwani Ramugondo from the Allied Health and Rehabilitation Sciences profiling innovative curriculum transformation within their department, which placed the issue of social justice at the centre of its curriculum review. Because of the interest stemming from the launch, the seminar is set to be repeated in the second semester in the hopes of reaching a much wider audience and feeding into curriculum transformation dialogues on campus.