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Lauren Graham Lead Researcher CSDA, UJ

Lauren is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA) at the University of Johannesburg. She leads the research programme on child and youth development.

 Ariane de  Lannoy  Lead  Researcher  PII, UCT

Ariane is a Senior Researcher at the Poverty and Inequality Initiative (PII) at the University of Cape Town. She leads the youth research programme within PII.

Tumi Makgetla Researcher PII, UCT

Itumeleng (Tumi) Makgetla is currently a PhD student in the political science department at Yale University. She has worked in the Economic Development Department in South Africa, Innovations for Successful Societies at Princeton University and the Mail & Guardian newspaper. Makgetla graduated from Harvard with an undergraduate degree in social studies and from Oxford with an MPhil in Politics.

Amina Ebrahim Researcher and PhD student, SALDRU, UCT

Amina Ebrahim is a doctoral student at SALDRU in the School of Economics at UCT. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business Science in 2010 at Rhodes University with Honours in Economics and completed her Masters of Commerce at the University of Cape Town in 2013.

 Kim Baldry Researcher CSDA, UJ

Kim is a Researcher at the Centre for Social Development in Africa and is registered Research Psychologist and Psychometrist. She has a keen interest in monitoring and evaluation research, community development, and youth un/employment.

 Leilanie Williams Researcher CSDA, UJ

Leilanie is a Researcher at the Centre for Social Development in Africa. She has a keen interest in research in the field of youth development with a special focus on youth aspirations, and reproductive and mental health. She currently project leads a project in the research programme area of child and youth development.

Murray Leibbrandt Principal Investigator SALDRU & PII, UCT

Professor Murray Leibbrandt is the Director of the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU), holds a DST-NRF National Research Chair of Poverty and Inequality Research and is a Research Fellow for the Institute for the Study of Labour (IZA) in Bonn, Germany. He has researched and published extensively on South African poverty‚ inequality and labour market dynamics using survey data and‚ in particular‚ panel data.

Leila Patel Principal Investigator CSDA, UJ

Professor Leila Patel is the Director of the Centre for Social Development in Africa and is also the South African Research Chair in Welfare and Social Development. She oversees all of the CSDA’s research programmes.

Najwah Allie- Edries Principal Investigator Jobs Fund

Najwah Edries heads the Project Management Office of the South African National Treasury’s Jobs Fund launched in 2011.